Research Paper

Available as a Word document or a PDF


Shifting Currents aims to educate the public about the potential the fully electric vehicle (FEV) holds – not only for the automobile industry, but also for consumers’ lives. With environmental concerns rising and sustainable energy sources becoming unstable, the automobile industry is primed to invest fully in the future of the electric car. Several high profile auto companies including Tesla, Nissan, and Ford, have released electric car models, amid much press and excitement. Though the cars received excellent press, the public is still confused about how electric cars work and maintain numerous misunderstandings including “range anxiety” due to negative reviews about early models of the electric car. Shifting Currents wants to shift the public’s hesitant attitude about the efficiency and durability of the FEV by examining the history, power, and potential of the electric car.

Read the culmination of our work in a research paper about the amazing electric automobile

Available as a Word document or a PDF

Comprehensive Works Cited list for the paper can be found here (.docx format). Alternatively, you can view our project bibliography to see more!


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