Our Team

Behind Shifting Currents is a team of four ambitious students from the Communication, Culture, and Technology Master’s program at Georgetown University.  CCT explores the intersections between technology and our lives, focusing on its impacts on business, law, media, and society. This project is for the class Fundamentals of Technology, which prompts students to reassess the technological underpinnings of innovations today.

Team Shifting Currents is:


Stevie Chancellor
Stevie is the Web wizard and oversees the website, Twitter account, and other digital aspects of our project.


Layan Jawdat

Layan is the Visual guru of the group, coordinating and editing the design of the poster, brochure, and other printed material.


Yiran Sun

Yiran is the Video rock star, coordinating and filming the interviews and editing the footage. She is also incredibly talented and drew these headshots for the website (thanks Yiran!)


Phoebe Wood

Phoebe is the curator of the written word and project overseer. She handles the research paper, survey, and general coordination of the group’s activities to keep everyone on track.


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