Potential Interview List

1. David Kirsch

Associate Professor at University of Maryland

Author of The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History (2000) (he also gave his insights for future electric car development in the book)


4556 Van Munching Hall, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742



2. Tesla Washington, DC

1050 K Street N.W.

Suite 101

Washington DC, DC 20001


3. Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, DC

“The Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C. is an organization of electric vehicle owners, educators and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs) as an environmental and energy benefit to society. EVA/DC was formed in 1980 as a chapter of the nationwide Electric Auto Association (EAA), and holds regular monthly meetings, public displays, car shows and tech sessions to exchange information.”


4. Balqon Corporation Corporate

1420, 240 th Street

Harbor City, California 90710

Phone : (310) 326-3056

Balqon Corporation (OTCBB:BLQN) is a leading developer and manufacturer of Zero Emission Heavy-duty electric trucks, lithium battery packs and Electric Vehicle Drive Systems. Balqon vehicle products include yard tractors used at warehouses and ports and on-road zero emission short haul drayage and inner city applications.



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